Bérard is located in the mountains of Royans, which border the northern edge of Provence in France. Since 1892, Bérard has specialized in creating kitchen products from carefully selected woods such as beechwood, boxwood and olivewood. The quality of Bérard products are the result of a century of know-how. The Bérard objective is to offer the best in kitchen and decorative wood products both in traditional as well as innovative shapes and materials.

Bérard Millenari Round Salt Keeper
Bérard Double Salt Keeper
Bérard Bread Basket
Bérard Salt Keeper
Bérard Cheese Knife Set
Bérard Acero Salad Server Set
Bérard Racine Cutting Board
Bérard Butter Dish & Knife Set
Bérard Mortar & Pestle Set
Bérard Utensil Holder
Bérard Convida Medium Cutting Board
Bérard Convida Small Cutting Board
Bérard Convida Round Cutting Board
Bérard Millenari Mortar & Pestle