Les Nouvelles

Check out the latest we have to offer. We have some new brands and some new offerings from trusted partners. Go ahead, treat yourself...
Blue Appolia Appetizer Platter, 14.5"
Panier des Sens Verbena Scented Candle
La Rochère Ouessant Coffee Mug, Set of 6
Panier des Sens Verbena Liquid Hand Soap
La Rochère Ouessant Tumbler, Set of 6
La Rochère Ouessant Ice Tea Glass, Set of 6
Cristel Asparagus Steamer
Peugeot Paris Chef Copper Mill, 8.75"
Panier des Sens Verbena Hand Cream
Bérard Mortar & Pestle Set
Bérard Convida Round Cutting Board
Revol Caractere Centerpiece
Cristel Plancha Grill with Lid