Opinel Cheese Set, 2 pieces

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This two piece set is a must have for cheese lovers! Set contains one knife and one fork. 

The knife features a beech wood handle, made from sustainably harvested wood grown in Europe. The stainless steel blade is durable, sharp, holds its edge, and is easy to maintain. The simple fork can be used while slicing or serving from the cheese platter, and also serves as a holder for the knife.

Beech is the most commonly used wood for the manufacture of Opinel handles. From France, beech is hard, durable and easy to work. With a homogeneous appearance, its light color varies from yellow to pink. It is characterized by the presence of numerous small, dark dashes.

Stainless steel is anti-corrosive thanks to the addition of chrome and requires no special maintenance. The knife features the Virobloc Safety rings invented by Marcel Opinel in 1955 which lock the blade open for safety while in use and lock the blade closed for safety on the go.