Déglon Meeting® Nested Steak Knives on Oak Base, 5 pieces

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Meeting® 4 Puzzle Steak Knife set includes: 4 nested steak knives on a Burgundy Oak base.

About the Meeting® Collection

Meeting®, excellence and innovation. 

Meeting® was born from the alliance of Déglon's know-how, cutting-edge technologies and soaring creativity.  This block of 4 nested steak knives, designed by Mia Schmallenbach is a real technological and aesthetic feat which sublimates the original idea of the knife and gives it another dimension.  It took all of Déglon's know-how to succeed in producing this creation and "making knives spring from steel which become cultural and artistic objects". The range was awarded the 1st prize of the European Cutlery Creation Exchange.

Meeting® puzzle kitchen knife sets are also available.