L'Atelier du Vin Wine Lover's Curiosity Cabinet, 18 pieces

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L'Atelier du Vin's Wine Lover's Curiosity Cabinet is an Oenophile's dream! This luxurious walnut cabinet stores and organizes all the accessories needed for wine tastings and toast-worthy occasions, while the French vineyard map lets you plan your next wine country getaway.

This collection includes:
    • Oeno Motion® Wood: Ergonomic chrome and walnut wine opener removes corks with a single pull of the lever.
    • Bilame Chromed:Twin-blade opener extracts even the most fragile corks while leaving them intact.
    • Chromed Metal Garçon®: Pocket-sized corkscrew features ergonomic design and foil-cutting blade. 
    • Chromed Metal Foil Cutter: Cuts foil in one clean, efficient motion with two circular hardened steel blades. 
    • ON/OFF Gard'Vin® Métal: Seals wine bottles after opening to prevent oxidation. 
    • Wine Thermometer: Ensures wine is at optimal temperature. 
    • ON/OFF Stoppers (2): Red indicator disappears when open bottle of wine is sufficiently sealed. 
    • Cork Stoppers (2): Seals opened bottles of wine with elegance and efficiency. 
    • Cork Opener: Safely and easily releases Champagne and sparkling wine corks. Simply place on cork, press and twist. 
    • Developer® Universel and Base: Gently aerates wine into individual glasses or carafes. 
    • Pourer Leaf: Oxygenates wine as it is poured out of bottle.
    • Bubble Cork: Preserves opened bottles of Champagne and sparkling wine. 
    • Vineyard Map of France: Ideal companion for vineyard tours of France. 
    • Notebook: Convenient for recording notes and favorite vintages. 
    • Wooden Box: Handmade in France of solid walnut with walnut veneer. Can be wall mounted or displayed on a shelf. (approx 17 3/4" sq., 5" deep)